Longer stays

The housing market in Augsburg is very tense due to the large number of students and the city’s close vicinity to Munich. Furnished flats, in particular, are often very difficult to find. We recommend that you start looking for a place to stay as soon as possible.

University Guest Apartments
The university offers a limited number of on-campus housing for international visiting scholars. They are, however, often booked far in advance and are only available through the faculty or institute that has extended the invitation to the guest. Please contact your host if you are interested in one of the guest flats. For more information (only available in German), please see the University Guest Apartment website.

Temporary living
This may be an option for you if you are staying in Augsburg for more than 4 weeks.
Furnished flats in the downtown part of the city, with hotel service, starting at approx. €850/month, no deposit.
Furnished rooms in the downtown part of the city, often with community bathrooms and hotplates for cooking, starting at approx. €220/month, min. lease term of 4 weeks, approx. €100 deposit, 4-week notice period for termination of the lease.
Augsburg Wohnen
Furnished room in a shared flat and flats on the outskirts of the downtown part of the city, starting at approx. €250/month, min. lease term of 6 months, deposit amount varies, 3-month notice period for termination of the lease.
Hotel Lochbrunner
Hotel room with built-in kitchen, approx.  €800/month (1 person), no deposit.
Ferienwohnungen Hotel am Alten Park
Flats with hotel service incl. breakfast €114/night (2 persons)
Holiday flats without hotel service, min. 3-night stay, €79/night (2 persons, surcharge for 3rd person).

Brokering service
HC24 (Augsburg)
Broker for furnished flats, deposit.

Online portals
immobilienscout24 (Augsburg)
Site for brokers and private landlords.
WG-Gesucht (Augsburg)
Private offers for flats and shared flats, usually unfurnished.
Wohnraumkarte (Augsburg)
A real estate platform for apartment seekers and landlords. They also have a special Facebook page for apartment seekers in Augsburg.
Real estate platform for open rental objects, shared housing, as well as homes and apartments for rent or sale. 

Holiday flats and private rooms (Augsburg Tourism)
Augsburg Tourismus
Private offers for furnished accommodations, limited offers for long-term living.

Newspaper Advertisements
There are numerous listings for flats in both the print and online versions of the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper. These listings are, however, generally for unfurnished flats and will almost always require a deposit.
Augsburger Allgemeine (Purchase)
Augsburger Allgemeine (Rent)

The Welcome Service may make no recommendation for competitive reasons. The list is not intented to be exhaustive.