Shorter stays

Whether you are just spending a few days or several weeks in Augsburg, you can search for the right place to stay among the numerous hotels and guest houses that partner with the University of Augsburg. Please note that due to the high demand of inquires we recieve, we are unable to provide a housing service for guests staying less than four weeks.

University Guest Apartments
The university offers a limited number of on-campus housing for international visiting scholars. These rooms and small apartments need to be booked by the hosting chair and cannot be booked by the visiting scholars themselves. For more information (only available in German), please see the University Guest Apartment website.

To request an overview of the hotels that the University of Augsburg cooperates with regarding corporate prices, please send us an e-mail at We will respond to your request right away. 

Links to non-affiliated hotels
Augsburg Tourismus
Hotel DE
Grandhotel Cosmopolis
The Grandhotel Cosmopolis is a one-of-a-kind project in Germany. It is home to a living centre for people seeking asylum as well as to a hotel and restaurant, making it an intercultural meeting place for guests with and without asylum status.

Übernachthostel Augsburg
SLEPS Jugendherberge Augsburg

Further options
Guesthouse St. Benedikt
Business and holiday apartments AugsburgLiving
Vacation apartments in Augsburg
Vacation homes & apartments in Augsburg
AirBnB Augsburg
Installer rooms Germany
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The Welcome Service may make no recommendation for competitive reasons. The list is not intented to be exhaustive.