General information

Broadcasting Fees

Licence fees for public service broadcasting such as radio, television and internet are charged in Germany. These fees currently amount to 17.50 € per month for every household irrespective of the number of persons that live together and the number of devices in the household.
When you move to Germany you need to register online or by post for the broadcasting fees.
You can download a summary of the most important information here.
For further information please see here.


It is standard practice for brokers to charge a commission fee when finding a flat for you. This fee may be as high as 2 months rent plus VAT.


Please remember that you will often have to pay a security deposit ranging from 1-3 months rent (base rent, i.e. excluding added costs such as heating). This security deposit will be kept for the entire duration of the lease.

Districts in Augsburg

Augsburg is divided into different districts. Here you can download a map of the districts to get a better overview.

List of Abbreviations

You can download a list of common abbreviations in German housing advertisements and their translations here.


Please note that waste is sorted and recycled in Augsburg.
You can download a leaflet on waste sorting here.
More information on waste disposal in Augsburg can be found here

Resident Registration Act

On 1 November 2015, a new Resident Registration Act becomes effective in Germany: Everybody will need a confirmation of the landlord / lessor
("Wohnungsgeberbestätigung") in order to register his / her apartment
with the city (of Augsburg). The lessor is either your landlord, a
person mandated by your landlord or the main tenant if you are the

Please bring along your passport and the filled-out confirmation
("Wohnungsgeberbestätigung") if you are registering your new

You can find more information here.