Before starting school

The city of Augsburg offers active assistance to families searching for the right type of care for their children with its K.I.D.S. programme. The workers at the contact points can share a wide range of information about child care options in the region with you and may even be able to arrange for individual child care. You can find more detailed information here.


School-aged children

The Bavarian Public Education Counselling Office has qualified contact partners for your questions relating to school careers and finding the right school.

The Public Education Office in Augsburg is responsible for assigning children to compulsory schools in Augsburg.

The Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, Science and Art offers assistance in integrating in schools, vocational training and the labour market. The primary goal of this assistance is to help people quickly learn proper German so that they integrate into society as seamlessly as possible. The ministry assists with preliminary courses in the German language, remedial German classes, remedial German courses and transition classes. Please click here for more information.