General Information

There are a number of child care options in Germany. The following provides you with a list of these options:

Ages 3 and under:

Ages 3 - School age:

School age (schooling begins between ages 5 and 7)

You can find more information on the Bavarian school system here.

Transition classes*
General information:
All children who are required to attend school (ages 6-15) and are registered as residents in Augsburg and who have little or no knowledge of the German language are placed in so-called “transition classes”.
Required documentation: parents’ and children’s travel documents (passports, residence permits, freedom of movement certificates) and registration as residents of the city of Augsburg. Any educational certificates, preferably in German, would also be helpful.

Feel free to contact us for more information about locations and contact information for arranging a consultation:
Susanne Graf