Before you arrive

Please bear the following in mind before you arrive... 

□ Valid passport for you and all family members who will be travelling with you.

□ Visa for you and all family members who will be travelling with you (Note: It may take up to 8 weeks for your visa to be issued).

□ Confirmation of your health insurance in your home country if it also provides protection for your time abroad. If this is not the case, you will be required to purchase a health insurance policy in Germany. You must have health insurance in order to receive your residence permit.

□ Documents for your liability insurance, personal accident insurance and homeowners insurance, if applicable.

□ Marriage and birth certificate(s) if you will be joined by members of your family.

□ Several biometric passport photos for all family members who will be accompanying you.

□ Confirmation/proof of how you will finance your living expenses (income from your home country/scholarship).

□ The invitation from your host.

□ Notarized copy of your education certificates (university qualification certificate, GCE...), your undergraduate degree(s) and (post-)graduate degrees, if applicable.

□ International vaccination record.

□ International driver's licence.

□ Proper clothing. There are four seasons in Germany and it may be cold and rainy at times.

□ Power adapters. Electrical outlets in Germany are designed for 220-240 volt, 50 Hertz AC/DC and the Euronorm standard.


Please click here to download a PDF of this checklist.