After your stay

Please bear the following in mind before your departure...

□ Give notice of termination for your housing rental agreement (depending on your lease agreement you may be required to give 1-3 months notice).      

□ Arrange to meet with your landlord to return the keys.

□ Clarify whether or not you will be responsible for painting the walls.

□ Review your deposit after it is returned (your deposit may be withheld in whole or in part if there is damage to the property).

□ Notify the Foreign Office (Ausländerbehörde) that you are leaving.

□ Terminate contracts for phone service, the Internet, “GEZ“ (fee for use of public radio and television), electricity, newspaper subscriptions and any insurance policies.

□ Withdraw children from school, kindergarten, babysitting or daycare.

□ Close your bank account.

□ Unregister your vehicle.

□ Submit your tax return by 31 May of the following year.


Please click here to download a PDF of this checklist.