Food at the Mensa and cafeteria

There are several places where you can find food and beverages at the University of Augsburg.

  • Mensa
  • Cafeteria in the Mensa building ("Neue Cafeteria")
  • Cafeteria in Building D ("Alte Cafeteria")
  • Vending stand near the Central Library

This stand is operated by the Augsburg Student Union. Payments are made using the MensaCard (cashless). A MensaCard may be purchased at the Infopoint in the entrance area of the Mensa building during the opening hours of the Mensa. The Student Union also offers three CafeBars. The MensaCard is used for purchases there, as well.

  • CafeBar in the Mensa entrance area
  • CafeBar near the cafeteria in Building D
  • Mobile CafeBar in front of HS1 in the Auditorium Centre