• Working on campus

Working on campus

Founded in 1970, the University of Augsburg is one of the newer, modern universities in Bavaria. Although it has seen continuous growth since its founding, the university remains manageable in its size with more than 20,000 current students. A wide range of around 80 different courses of study in the fields of humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences, law, economic sciences and theology are offered in the university’s eight faculties.


The University of Augsburg is one of the most pleasant places to study at in Germany. South of the historic downtown lies the modern, multi-faceted green campus, in which all of the buildings are arranged in a large park landscape with a lot of water and numerous sculptures.

With the needs-based and in some cases entirely unique courses that are offered here, the University of Augsburg attracts students from all over Germany and the world. Around 10% of the students in Augsburg come from a foreign country.

As a student of the humanities, you, in particular, will find the kind of quality support and assistance that has won the University of Augsburg multiple awards.