Culture, leisure and sports

Augsburg has a wide range of cultural options and activities: There are various museums, an opera and a theatre.

The Augsburger Puppenkiste is world-famous for its puppets and puppet shows. You can go to look at the puppets or watch a show.
And, of course, there are also options for night life in Augsburg! The city is home to many restaurants and bars and to five cinemas.
The beautiful beer gardens, a tradition in Bavaria, are a highly recommended destination during the summertime. There you will find a pub with the feel of a garden that is run according to tradition. And its unique in that lets you bring your own snack to enjoy free of charge.

There are also numerous opportunities to play sports: swimming, canoeing, ice skating and, of course, tennis and other sports with a ball.

There are many interesting places to travel to in Bavaria.
The following pages offer a few ideas of places to go:

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