Intercultural institutions

The Grandhotel Cosmopolis is another spot for intercultural meet-ups. Since early September 2011, a group of free artists in the former Paul-Gerhardt-House of the Augsburg Social Service has been developing a concept for a social sculpture in the Cathedral District. This artistic approach is both innovative and exemplary. For the first time, an effort is being made to add socio-cultural value to a home for asylum seekers.

The Project Management Office for Peace and Intercultural Affairs is also worth mentioning. Numerous event formats are planned and realized there. The process for opening the culture of the city of Augsburg to intercultural influences is also heavily shaped there, as is the intercultural aspect in cultural activities in the city.

Intercultural events

The Festival der Kulturen (Festival of Cultures) is a 2-day festival of celebrating and being together that is held in Annahof each year and features prestigious world music concerts.

The Augsburger Hohes Friedensfest (Augsburg Peace Festival) on 8 August commemorates the parity of the city of Augsburg as well as the tradition of handling conflicts peacefully ever since the signing of the Augsburg Religious Peace agreement. The events held during the Augsburg Peace Festival are meant to provide new impetuses to the idea of peacemaking and dialogue between different cultures, ethnic groups and religions.