German Courses

German Courses for doctoral students at the University of Augsburg


Enrolled doctoral students can apply for German courses like regular students. The procedure is explained below.

Doctoral students who are not enrolled can only participate in German courses if there are free places. The availability of free places is not always given and varies within the different course level. Furthermore, not enrolled doctoral students may not participate at the final exam and therefore do not receive a certificate.

The course level are classified ascending after the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 (A1 lowest level, C2 highest level).

The language courses “Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (DaF) (German as a foreign language) are set alongside the studies.

Information event and placement test

With the beginning of every semester an information event takes place. In this event the placement test is performed, on which every enrolled student who wants to attend at German courses for the first time has to participate.

The placement test aims to classify students to a certain level. However, the result is not final and can be changed throughout the course for the benefit of the students.

The next date for the placement test German as a foreign language can be found here.


Please bring your Campus Card with you.

Place and date of the test result publication will be announced following to the test.

Please register for the German courses via Digicampus. You can find the exact registration periods in the course descriptions on Digicampus.

The course places are assigned by a lottery procedure. Hence, the exact registration time during the registration period is not decisive.

All students who have not received a course place will be set on the waiting list and have the possibility to move up if someone resigns.