Pension insurance

Pension insurance is part of the statutory social insurance in Germany. If you are a full-time or part-time employee with a work contract with the University of Augsburg or another employer in Germany, your employer will automatically deduct your pension insurance premiums from your gross salary.

Calculating retirement age

EU member states, EEA states, Switzerland and treaty partners are required to take time worked in Germany into account when reviewing whether or not you have met the requirements for your pension. Time in which you were insured in a country that does not have a social insurance treaty with the Federal Republic of Germany cannot be counted towards fulfilling the requirements for retirement for German pension insurance policies.

If you worked in various countries during your career and paid premiums to different pension insurance funds, you should contact the insurance providers in the respective countries with regards to your benefits. Please note that the minimum time that a person must work in order to have any pension claim varies from country to country.

In general, you will not receive a full pension from one country that accounts for time worked in other countries. Exceptions are only made to prevent mini-pensions. The pension insurance premiums you pay in each country remain in standing until you have reached the retirement age based on the laws of the respective country. Insurance companies in each country grant pensions based on the laws of the country. This means that you may receive multiple pensions.

Reimbursement of pension insurance premiums

If you return to a country that does not have a social insurance treaty with Germany, you can request reimbursement for the pension insurance premiums you paid in Germany. You may file an application for reimbursement with German Pension Insurance after a waiting period of 2 years.

(Source: Euraxess Deutschland)

You can find additional information on pension insurance at German Pension Insurance, the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs under “Our topics/Pensions“ and Euraxess Deutschland.

A compilation of all the essential information can be found in the “Working in Germany and in Foreign Countries Without a Treaty“ and “Living and Working in Europe“ brochures available from German Pension Insurance.