Emergency numbers

We recommend printing this page and posting it near your telephone at home as well as saving the important numbers in your mobile phone.

Emergency doctor
for life-threatening situations (such as a heart attack, stroke, severe accident or injury)


Fire department


Munich Poison Control

089/1 92 40



(24/7 assistance in case of car breakdown)

01802/22 22 22

Emergency pharmacy service

On-call physician
outside of regular hours (nights, weekends and holidays) for urgent medical situations that would normally be treated by a practicing physician

116 117 (nationwide)

Wildwasser emergency hotline for women (hotline for women and girls who are or have been the victims of sexual assault)

0821/15 44 44

Gas and water service outages

0821/324 55 00

Medical transport


Emergency room at the Augsburg Central Clinic

0821/400 24 75
0821/400 24 72

Lost keys

Contact your building’s maintenance supervisor. The fire department (112) can help you in case of emergency, but there will be a fee

Power outages

0821/324 66 00

Taxis in Augsburg

0821/35 0 25
0821/4 50 90 61
0821/1 94 10
0821/2 62 14 51

Emergency veterinary care

0821/1 59 87 10

Emergency dental care

0821/50 89 550

Information when using an emergency number (5 Questions)
Always be ready to provide the following information when calling an emergency number.

WHERE did the incident occur?
(street, house/building number, name, floor)

WHAT happened?
(brief description of the emergency situation)

HOW MANY people are hurt/affected?

WHAT are the injuries or symptoms of the sick or injured person? Is there any indication that a person’s life is in danger?

STAY on the line for follow-up questions.
(do not hang up until the operator ends the call)