Car & bike


Driver's licence

You need a German driver’s license or an EU driver’s license to drive a car in Germany. If you have an EU driver’s license, it is important that you are a permanent resident of the issuing EU state when you acquire your license. You may also drive in Germany with an international driver's licence and your original driver's licence from your country. You can drive with a driver's licence that was issued outside of the EU for 6 months. This period may be extended to 12 months.
Please note that it is difficult to provide general information about driver’s licenses issued by other countries. We recommend that you personally contact the licensing authority in Augsburg with regards to any questions you might have.

(Source: Guide for International Students in Augsburg 2012/2013, Augsburg Student Union)

Car rentals

You can find a number of car rental companies in Augsburg. Here is a selection:

Comparison of car rentals


You can purchase a new or used bicycle from a store or rent a bicycle if you are interested in using a bike for transportation in Augsburg. You can find a selection here.

Bike shops

Bike rentals

Tip: you can get a bike for a good price at one of the bike auctions that are regularly held by the city of Augsburg.