You can find a list of general practitioners, specialists and dentists in Augsburg under “Health and Wellness (Gesundheit und Wellness)” in the Gelbe Seiten phone book. If you get sick, you should usually see a general practitioner first, who will then refer you to a specialist if necessary.

You can find doctors based on their speciality field, office hours, languages they speak, and other criteria in Augsburg and throughout Bavaria on the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Bayern website.

You can find a list of hospitals and clinics in Augsburg here.

Information when seeing a doctor

You will usually need an appointment in order to see a doctor. You can make an appointment by phone or by stopping by the office. The waiting period to receive an appointment may range from a few days to several weeks or even months.

You do not need an appointment in case of an acute emergency. You can call the on-call service (telephone number: 116 117) if you are in urgent need of medical treatment on a weekend. Always call the emergency doctor (telephone number: 112) if you need to go to the hospital in an ambulance or are in a life-threatening emergency.

You can find on-call dentists if you are suffering an acute dental emergency here. You can also call the emergency dental service (telephone number: 0821/50 89 550).

Please bring your proof of insurance with you to every doctor’s appointment.

If you have private insurance, you will pay for your visit yourself and then send the receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you have health fund insurance, you usually will not have to pay yourself.

The Welcome Service may make no recommendation for competitive reasons. Information above is not intented to be exhaustive.