Consultation services


Federal Anti-discrimination Agency
Consultation services on preventing and eliminating all kinds of discrimination
University of Augsburg Equal Opportunities Officer
Ensures equal opportunities for men and women at the University of Augsburg

Child guidance

Child Guidance Agency of the Augsburg Workers’ Welfare Association

Consultation services and help for women

University of Augsburg Women's Representative
Information on careers in science, financing, continued education, research funding, combining science and family
Augsburg Women’s Refuge
Consultation services and shelter for women and children who have been victims of or threatened with physical or emotional harm
Augsburg Women’s Centre
Cultural events, educational opportunities, meet with other women, social work and consultation services for women

Tenant advisory service

Tenant Advisory Service for Augsburg and the Surrounding Region

Psychological counselling

Social-Psychiatry Service of the Workers’ Welfare Association
Social-Psychiatry Service of the Augsburg Social Welfare Works
Marriage, Family & Life Counselling of the Augsburg Social Welfare Works

Psychological Counselling of the Augsburg Student Union
Only for doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Augsburg
Counselling for personal and study-related problems

Pregnancy counselling

Donum Vitae in Bayern e.V.
Augsburg Health Office
Pro familia e.V.
Social Services of Catholic Women

Social and legal counselling

Social and Legal Counselling of the Augsburg Student Union
Only for doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Augsburg
Legal counselling, counselling on financing studies, studying in difficult living situations, studying with impairment

Addiction counselling

Alcoholics Anonymous
Caritas Mobile Addiction Counselling Office
Swabian Drug Counselling

Telephone counselling hotline

Telephone counselling hotline for all people dealing with crisis and difficult situations
24/7, anonymous, free of charge when calling from a German landline or mobile network; also available as e-mail or online chat counselling

Consumer counselling

Augsburg Consumer Counselling of the Bavarian Consumer Advice Centre