Jessica Schüller


E-mail: jessica.schueller@aaa.uni-augsburg.de
Tel.: +49 821 598 - 5952
Address: BCM, 7005 (7th floor)
Alter Postweg 101, 86159 Augsburg

Functional Areas

  • Welcome Service for International Visiting Scholars
  • International Career Service for Degree-Seeking International Students
  • Bavarian Education Ministry Project „Increasing the Academic Success of International Degree-Seeking Students” („SAVE“)
  • Intercultural Courses for Incoming Exchange Students “Germany from an Intercultural Perspective”


Office Hours

Welcome Service: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00 in BCM, Room 7005

International Career Service: Mondays 1-3pm and Wednesdays 2-4pm in BCM, Room 7005

These are open office hours, meaning that you can stop by without making an appointment. Changes to my office hours can be found here.


Inquiries can be sent to the following Email Adresses: