Phase 4 - Preparations for your Arrival

Around one month before your arrival, you need to take care of contacting your tutor, registering for orientation and preparing your move-in into the dormitory.

Tutor Program

The International Office organizes a tutor program for all incoming students in cooperation with the student initiative ESN Augsburg.

>>> Tutor Program - ESN Augsburg

The tutors will be allocated in the
beginning of March or September and you will receive an email from your tutor soon after.
Participants of the WeltWeit program do not have to apply for the tutor program; a tutor will be allocated automatically.


Registration for orientation events

During the week leading up to the beginning of the official lecture period, the International Office hosts several events for its international students to get them acquainted with the university and the city of Augsburg.

Participation in the orientation events is mandatory for WeltWeit students!

As a WeltWeit student you are automatically registered for the orientation events. In your workflow in Mobility-Online you choose the city tour you would like to participate in (in German or in English).

Preparing your Move-in

Around one month before your arrival, you must prepare your move-in into the dormitory. You will receive further instruction from the Studentenwerk per email.

Paying deposit and first rents

Transfer the deposit and the first months' rents for your apartment in good time to the Studentenwerk's account. The deadline for the transaction, as well as the account details, are included in the confirmation for your dorm room, which you have received in an email by the Studentenwerk.

Please note:
If you do not transfer the money for deposit and rents in time, you will lose your claim for the apartment! In this case, you will have to take care of accommodation in Augsburg by yourself.

Setting a move-in date with the dorm manager

Contact the dorm manager of your dorm and set a date for your move. You were given the manager's contact details in an email by the Studentenwerk.

The dorm managers are best to be reached by phone. Ask your tutor for help with the phonecall.

Please note:

  • It is not always possible to move into the dorm at the date of your choice. Moving in can only be guaranteed from the 3rd workday of October or April on. Please take this into account and book alternative accommodation if necessary.
  • The move-in is only possible on a workday (monday - friday). If you arrive outside of working hours, notify your tutor. He/She may be able to pick up your room key

Alternative Accommodation in Augsburg

>>> Overnight Hostel
>>> Youth Hostel Augsburg
>>> Slamba Hostel