Phase 7 - Choosing Classes

Course Offering

All courses offered for exchange students as well as the guidelines for course registration for the respective courses are available here:

>>> Course offering for exchange students


Choosing Courses

When do I choose my courses?

Registration for courses is not possible until you arrive in Augsburg (see below). After your arrival you have about two weeks to reach a decision about your course selection.

Before your departure from your home country, you should have a look at our course offering (see above).

How many courses should I choose? 

The University does not have a required minimum or maximum course load. Our recommendation is to take 4 to 7 courses during your exchange semester. 

What should I keep in mind?

Discuss the following questions in advance with your home university:

  • Are there requirements regarding the minimum or maximum number of courses you must take?
  • Are there any courses which you are required to take?
  • Which courses are you able to transfer credit for to your home university?
  • What requirments need to be fulfilled to be able to transfer credits for a course?


Registering for Courses 

Registration for courses is not possible until after your arrival in Augsburg. As soon as you are enrolled at the university, you will have access to the online portal for course registration called Digicampus.

During the orientation events from the International Office, you will receive more information about course selection, as well as Digicampus. Your tutor will assist you as you register for courses.

>>> Infosheet course registration

>>> Digicampus