Intercultural Offers

Here you will find information on the International Office's intercultural offers. The dates of our current events are available on 

Projects & events

Tutor Program

Each semester the International Office and ESN (Erasmus Student Network) organize a tutor program for all Incoming Students.
Exchange Students do not have to register for the tutor program as they automatically get their own tutor. Degree-seeking students can register for the tutor program here:

>>> Tutor Program - Information for Incoming Students
>>> ESN Augsburg 

Language Tandem

Students with an interest in improving their foreign language skills can register for the language tandem program which is organized by the International Office. We will allocate you to a partner who is a native speaker in the language you want to improve and who is interested in learning your native language. You and your partner will then freely meet up to help to improve each other’s desired language. Time and frequency of the meetings are up to you. To take part in the tandem program we ask for basic knowledge (A1/A2) in your desired foreign language.

>>> Language Tandem - More Information
>>> Language Tandem - Registration Form 



The International Office organises excursions several times a semester for foreign and German students.

For a small contribution towards expenses, you can participate in city or hiking trips, meet other students and get to know some beautiful spots in South Germany. The number of participants is limited, so we recommend signing up early.

>>> Flyer Excursions SoSe 19

Cultural Evenings ("Länderabende")

The International Office organises so-called Cultural Evenings (Länderabende) on several Thursday evenings during the semester.

Foreign and German students have the opportunity to learn about foreign cultures and make lots of contacts.

The speakers give a presentation about their host countries or countries of origin, giving travel tips and presenting the country from their point of view. After the presentation, accompanied by pictures and videos, there is an opportunity to sample traditional dishes from the respective country. Often, our guests also enjoy dance performances or musical interludes. The Cultural Evenings are held at the KHG.

All students with an interest in other countries and cultures are welcome. If you would like to organise your own Cultural Evening, please contact our student assistants.

International Day

Each year, in the summer semester, an International Day is held at the University of Augsburg. Together, foreign and German students present their home/host countries. In addition, all students of the University of Augsburg have the opportunity to collect information about studying or doing an internship abroad.

>>> Homepage International Day


Certificate for Intercultural Key Qualifications ("ZIS")

The ZIS is an add-on programme of the University of Augsburg in which students can participate voluntarily. These students take language courses, attend intercultural workshops and events, and get involved in the university. International experience is an integral part of the certificate. You can find more information here.

Study Abroad Experience Certificate ("SAEC")

Exchange students can earn the SAEC if they show particular commitment in the intercultural field during their studies at the University of Augsburg. You can find more information here.