Subjects and courses

  • In which subjects am I allowed to attend courses?

As a Free Mover, you attend the courses offered for the degree program (Studiengang) you are enrolled in.

Here you find the websites of all degree programs at the University of Augsburg (most of them only available in German). The website of your degree program offers extensive and up-to-date information on the offered courses.

An overall view of the lectures offered by the different faculties of the University of Augsburg is available here: Listings of all lectures offered by the different faculties.

In addition, Free Movers can attend courses offered for other degree programs, e.g. language courses at the university's Language Center (Sprachenzentrum) or courses held in English.

Please find here:
- the regularly offered German as a foreign language courses at the Language Center
the regularly offered foreign language courses at the Language Center
- the courses held in foreign languages at the University of Augsburg in the current semester.


  • Which courses can I attend?

Attend the courses of your degree program that correspond to your level of knowledge.

If you need assistence to choose your courses, please contact your degree program's study advisor. Here you find the study advisors' websites for all degree programs. Most of the websites are available in German only.


  • Are there requirements to be met to attend the courses?

Some courses demand specific requirements, e.g. having completed a certain module or having attended a certain course.

Generally, Free Movers are entitled to attend all courses without meeting the specific demanded formal requirements. But Free Movers are expected, of course, to meet the requirements regarding the content due to their studies at their home university.

Please ask your study advisor and/or the respective lecturers if you can attend the courses of your choice.