Exams and credits

  • Am I eligible to take exams and gain credits as a Freemover?

Freemover have the possibility to take exams and obtain credits in all courses they have participated in. You can, however, only gain credits if you pass the exam.

What kind of examination one has to take and how many credits one can obtain in a specific course is predetermined for each course. More information can be found in each course's course catalogue or on Digicampus.

  • How many credits do I have to obtain? Will my home university approve those credits?

The University of Augsburg does not regulate how many credits Freemovers have to obtain during their stay at the University of Augsburg.

It is, however, possible that your home university has such regulations. Please contact the responsible person of your home university to get further information.

This person can also tell you whether the credits you obtained will be approved by your home university.

  • Will I get a Transcript of Records which proves my achievements?

On request the International Office of the University of Augsburg will issue an English Transcript of Records for you which proves your achievements during your term as a Freemover.

If you do need such a Transcript please contact Birgit Reß during your stay.