The cost for food, accommodation, clothes, leisure activities, etc. in Germany is average for EU countries and is relatively low in comparison to some countries (e.g. Scandinavia). It is impossible to say what exactly your monthly outgoings will be, as the costs always depend on an individual's way of life.

The total living costs come to approximately 4,320 euros for one exchange semester (six months). Students should therefore expect to pay approx. 720 euros per month.

List of fixed costs:

  • 112.05 euros per semester for the semester travel ticket and the Studentenwerk contribution (all students including exchange students)
  • 191 – 256 euros per month for rent in a student dormitory  
  • approx. 91.00 euros per month for statutory health insurance
  • 17.50 euros per month for the broadcast receiving licence (GEZ) (compulsory contribution for everyone who lives in Germany)
  • approx. 200 euros per month for groceries
  • approx. 27 euros per month for telephony / communication (12 euros for the internet connection in the dormitory, approx. 15 euros for mobile communication) 
  • approx. 50 euros per semester for lecture notes and copies

On top of this come expenses that vary from one person to another, such as money spent on trips during the semester, going out or leisure activities.