Guidelines about Course Registration for Academic Courses Taught in German (standard course offer)

Requirements for participation

To take courses from the standard course offer (academic courses taught in German), German skills at level B2 are required.

Information about course offering

The standard course offer will be available about 2 months before the beginning of the semester.

There is no encompassing course list available and it may be somewhat difficult to find information about specific courses before your arrival. Here are some possibilities to obtain information beforehand:

  • The most current and comprehensive information can be found on the websites of the different degree programs offered for degree seeking students.
    >>> Degree programs

For further information please contact your departmental coordinatorcoordinator at the faculty as communicated by your exchange coordinators at the International Office.

Courses in other subjects / study areas / faculties?

As an exchange student, you are not limited to courses in one particular subject / study area / faculty.

You have the opportunity to take courses in other subjects / study areas / faculties as well, as long as you possess the required language proficiency and subject prerequisites.

>> Course Listing (with access to Digicampus)