Guidelines about Course Registration for Academic Courses Taught in English

The following study areas offer an extensive amount of courses that are taught in English and offered regularly:

  • Business and Economics
  • Computer Science
  • English Studies
  • Material Science

Other study areas may occasionally offer courses taught in English (or in other languages) as well.


Business and Economics Courses

The most extensive selection of English-taught courses is offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics.

All courses are offered regularly, meaning every semester or every other semester.

The courses instructed in English in the Faculty of Business and Economics are posted on their own website. Please follow the links for course descriptions and futher information clicking on the names of the courses. The list is updated regularly.

>>> Regular offer of business and economics courses taught in English

All English-taught Courses

In the course listing you can see all the English-taught courses according to faculty and semester. Most of the courses for the new semester are uploaded around 2 months before the semester begins. 

>>> Search in course listing (access to Digicampus)


>> Course Listing (with access to Digicampus)