Student dormitories – general information

Rooms in a student dormitory are especially popular with international students, since they are furnished and inexpensive. Not all residences are near the campus, but the university is easy to get to by public transport – and free, thanks to the semester travel ticket.

As Erasmus+student you can apply for a room in one of the student dormitories:

Application for a room in a "Studentenwerk" student dormitory - organized by the Erasmus+Office 


You can also organize a room on your own - please contact the following providers for rooms:



Shared apartments – a room in a WG

Unlike in many other countries, the majority of German students live in private apartments, or so-called Wohngemeinschaften (WGs). The students rent an apartment together and occupy a room each. The kitchen and bathroom are shared and the costs for them are divided among the residents. WGs have the advantage that you get to know your flatmates quickly and well, and that your living costs are relatively cheap. The prices for WG rooms vary widely depending on their size, the location of the apartment and the level of extra costs (electricity, water, gas, etc.). If you are interested in getting a room in a WG, remember to check whether the room is furnished.


You can also find a number of Facebook goups which offer accommodations:


If you have a gap of a few days after arriving in Augsburg before you can move into your hall of residence or WG room, you can find relatively cheap accommodation here: