What is the preparatory course ("Studienkolleg")?

Some certificates issued abroad are not equivalent to the German Abitur (school-leaving qualification). Applicants with such certificates cannot, therefore, be directly admitted to a degree course at a German university. To allow them to do so, the preparatory course (Studienkolleg) provides special technical and language preparation. Students usually attend the preparatory course for two semesters to prepare them for the assessment test. This tests your technical and language skills with regard to the subject you have chosen to study.

How do I know if I need to attend the preparatory course ("Studienkolleg")?

You can find out in the anabin database which courses of study you can enter directly with your certificates, or whether you will first need to attend the preparatory course. Zeugnissen direkt studieren können, oder ob Sie vorher noch das Studienkolleg besuchen müssen.

How do I get a place in the preparatory course ("Studienkolleg")?

It is not possible to apply directly to the preparatory course. You apply to the University of Augsburg. The University of Augsburg registers you on the preparatory course. You will receive a letter of allocation (Zuweisungsbescheid) from the university. After passing the assessment test at the end of your time on the preparatory course, you are guaranteed a place in the subject you applied to study at the University of Augsburg.

In exceptional cases, the assessment test can be sat without attending the preparatory course. For more information on this, contact the Registrar's Office (Ms Röder, Mr Hindelang).

Where is the preparatory course ("Studienkolleg")?

The University of Augsburg allocates you to the Studienkolleg München in the nearby city of Munich.