German language knowledge

Teaching language German

German in all Bachelor and almost all Master courses of study at the University of Augsburg.Excellent knowledge of German is therefore crucial and must be demonstrated prior to enrolment!

Aspired grade: Bachelor or State examination

Applicants aiming to graduate with a bachelors or state examination should refer to the Student Office's website for details on the level of German currently required.

Aspired grade: Master, ELITE or postgraduate program

Those hoping to graduate from a master´s ELITE or postgraduate programme at the University of Augsburg should inquire at the corresponding faculty, chair or institute regarding the required level of German. Often, this information can also be found on the webpages of the respective course of studies.

English language course of study

These study programmes are taught in English.

DSH (German language) exam

Before the start of the winter and summer semesters, a DSH Exam is held at the University of Augsburg. If you want to take this exam, you must first apply for admission to a degree at the University of Augsburg. After passing the exam (DSH-2 or DSH-3) you can start your studies. Click here for more information.