What does a degree cost in Augsburg?

Semester fees

The University of Augsburg charges semester fees of 112.05 euros per semester for the semester travel ticket and their Studentenwerk contribution. ... Read more about this

Living costs

  • 160–260 euros per month for rent (student hall of residence)
  • circa 20 euro for the Rundfunkbeitrag (German TV/Radio License) (more information
  • approx. 80 euros per month for statutory health insurance
  • approx. 200 euros per month for groceries
  • 150–200 euros per semester for books, lecture notes, copies
  • Expenditures that vary from person to person include money spent on trips during the semester, going out or leisure activities.

In total, you should budget approx. 700 euros per month to finance your degree.

Are there scholarships?


The University of Augsburg can provide grants to international students that meet certain conditions. Support can only be provided, however, after at least two semesters of study at the University of Augsburg.

You can find information about scholarships offered by other organisations in the database of the DAAD.

A possibility for graduees of a German school would be the BayBIDS-scholarship.