First Steps

1. Checklist

"Your First Steps"

  1. Finding an apartment in Augsburg

  2. Buying a German SIM-Card for your cell phone

  3. Opening a bank account & paying the semester fee

  4. Getting Health Insurance

  5. Matriculation/Enrollment at the University of Augsburg

  6. Validating your CampusCard

  7. Fetching your RZ-Kennung (Central Computer Login ID)

  8. Signing up for your courses & creating your timetable (Digicampus)

  9. Registration at the city of Augsburg (Hochschulbetreuungsstelle)

  10. Applying for a residence permit (Hochschulbetreuungsstelle)

  11. Taking part in the Study Preparation Course

  12. Attending Introductory Events (general and subject-specific)

  13. Events and Offers of the International Office (AAA)

All points will be explained more detailed in the guideline (below).

The chronology of this checklist complies with the needs of the average foreign full student at the beginning of their study. It is also possible and sometimes wiser to complete some points simultaneously.

2. Guideline "First Steps"

The current version of the Guideline can be found here:

>>> Guideline "First Steps" (pdf-document)