Here you can find information for new students

Congratulations! You got your letter of admission from the University of Augsburg. On the following pages you will get all necessary information and tips for a successful start to your study.

1. Guideline "First Steps"

In our Guideline "First Steps" we will explain you what's necessary to matriculate/enroll at the University of Augsburg.

>>> What are my First Steps?

>>> Current Guideline

2. Living

Surely you know that having been admitted to the University doesn't mean that you are admitted into the student dormitory. So that you can quickly and easily find a room, we have put up a list of the most important providers and search databases.

>>> Information about "Accomodation"

3. Start of the semester

Important dates and deadlines for each semester can be found here:

>>> Semester overview (in German)

4. Orientation offers

The various institutes and initiatives of the university and each of the faculties offer several orientation events for first-semester at the begin of each semester.

We advise you to inform yourself about those offers and most importantly take part.

>>> List of the offers

1) Study Preparation Course (only in September/ October)
2) Tutor Programm
Central Introductory Event
4) Welcome Evening
5) Introductory Day for first-semester students from abroad
6) City Tour
7) Introductory Events of your study program

>>> More information here

5. Hochschulbetreuungsstelle

If you are moving to Augsburg you need to register with the city of Augsburg. If necessary you will have to apply for a residence permit. Both of this can be done at the Hochschulbetreuungsstelle.

>>> Hochschulbetreuungsstelle

6. Intercultural

The International Office organizes a wide range of intercultural events about which you can find information here:

>>> Intercultural

7. Scholarships

The University of Augsburg can provide grants to international students that meet certain conditions. Support can only be provided, however, after at least two semesters of study at the University of Augsburg.

You can find information about scholarships offered by other organisations in the database of the DAAD.

Students can only apply for scholarships if they have been advertised beforehand. Currently advertised scholarships can be found here (in German).

>>> Flyer: scholarships (pdf)

>>> Help for foreign students in emergency situations (F.AU.ST e.V.)

8. Useful Tips

Here you can find tips and the most important hints for your everyday (student) life:

>>> Useful Tips and Hints (soon available)

9. Events & Offers of the International Office


Here you can find the online-event-calendar and the current flyer of the events of the AAA:

>>> Events winter semester 2017/18

>>> Flyer of the Events in the summer semester 2017 (pdf)

Projekt "Förderung des Studienerfolgs ausländischer Vollstudierender"

There is a project to provide support for international degree-seeking students called "Förderung des Studienerfolgs ausländischer Vollstudierender. Below you can find the website of the project.

>>> Website of the project (in German)

10. Contact & Counseling network

If you would like to talk to us personally please note our consultation hours or arrange an alternative appointment via e-mail. Your contact persons in the International Office are Ms. Dr. Tamm and Ms. Reß.

The University of Augsburg has a well developed consultation network at its desposal.

>>> Contact in the International Office

>>> Constultation network within the university (in German)