Concepts & Benefits

What does alumnus mean?

Alumnus (f. alumna, pl. m. alumni, pl. f. alumnae) comes from Latin and means "pupil", or literally "nursling", from alere "nourish". An alumnus is also a pupil of a boarding school (German: Alumnat).

Modern meaning

All foreign graduates, former and current students, guest researchers of a higher-education institution, and holders of a scholarship from a funding organization studying, researching or working at the University of Augsburg can become international alumni.


Social and professional networks are becoming increasingly important. Alumni work is firmly anchored in the structures of the American academic landscape. There, the term "Alumning" has come to mean not just providing service to former students, but also to potential alumni. The interaction gives rise to greater cohesion within the groups and with the university. Lifelong connections can be formed, giving new momentum for research and learning.

By joining together in the network, alumni have the opportunity to maintain and extend their social and professional contacts with their university and their former fellow students. Furthermore, the network's magazine provides a platform for presenting one's own projects and making them accessible to other network members.