• International Cooperations

International Cooperations



Country City/State University (Beginning of Cooperation) Faculty*

Type of Contract**

South Africa Johannesburg University of Johannesburg (2001) All S/R/TS
USA Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh (1980) All S/R/TS




(ERASMUS+ partnerships are not included)

Country City/State University (Beginning of Cooperation) Faculty* Type of Contract**
Azerbaijan Baku Baku Slavic University (2015) PH S/R/TS
Estonia Tartu University of Tartu (2018) ACS S/R/TS
Italy Messina University of Messina (2019) All MoU
Russia Kazan Föderale Universität Kazan (2012) MNM S/R/TS
Russia Moskau Pedagogical State University Moskau (2007) All S
Russia St. Petersburg St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (2009) All S


Istanbul Türkisch-Deutsche Universität (2014) L S/R/TS
Ukraine Czernowitz Universität Czernowitz (1999/2007/2015) All S/R/TS
Ukraine Lviv Ukrainian Catholic University (2019) BE S/R/TS

Middle East

Country City/State University (Beginning of Cooperation) Faculty* Type of Contract**
Israel Haifa University of Haifa (2014) All MoU
Iran Urmia/West Azerbaijan Urmia University (2019) ACS MoU
Lebanon Beirut Université St. Joseph (2011) All S
Morocco Casablanca ESCA School of Management (2010) BE S/R/TS


Country City/State University (Beginning of Cooperation) Faculty* Type of Contract**
China Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University (2012) All S
China Hong Kong Hong Kong Institute of Education (2014) All S
China Jinan University of Jinan (2012) All S, Internship
China Jinan University of Shandong (1987) All S/R/TS
China Nanjing Nanjing University (2011) All S
China Peking Beihang University Law School (2018) L S/R/TS
China Peking Chinese University of Political Science and Law (2007) L S/R/TS
China Peking Peking University Law School (2014) L S/R/TS
China Shanghai East China Normal University (2011) All S/R/TS
India Bangalore Christ University (2017) All S
Japan Chiba City Chiba University (2010) MNM MoU
Japan Hikone City University of Shiga Prefecture(2009) All S/R/TS
Japan Nagoya Meijo University (2012) All S/R/TS
Japan Nishinomiya Kwansei Gakuin University (1998) All S
Japan Sendai Tohoku Gakuin University (2018) All MoU
Japan Suita Osaka University (2003) All S
Japan Tokio Waseda University (1985) All S/R/TS


Tokio Meiji University (2017) L S/R/TS


Yokohama Kanagawa University (2019) All S
Malaysia Subang Jaya Taylor's University (2015) All S
South Korea Daegu Keimyung University (2009) All S
South Korea Seoul Chung-Ang University (2012) All S
South Korea Seoul Ewha Womans University (2009) All S
South Korea Seoul Kookmin University (2017) BE S
South Korea Pusan Pusan National University (2018) All S
Taiwan Hsinchu National Chiao Tung University (2012) All S
Taiwan Taipei National Chengchi University (2009) All S
Taiwan Kaohsiung National Sun Yat-sen University (2017) BE S
Thailand Bangkok Ramkhamhaeng University (2015) All S
Vietnam Hanoi Foreign Trade University (2013) All S/R/TS

North America

Country City/State University (Beginning of Cooperation) Faculty* Type of Contract**
Canada St. John's /Newfoundland Memorial University of Newfoundland (2013) All S/R/TS
Canada Ottawa/Ontario Carleton University (1990) All S
Canada Quebec City/Quebec Université Laval (1985/2007) PH S/R/TS
Canada Kingston/Ontario Queen's University (2015) BE S
Canada Sherbrooke/Quebec Université de Sherbrooke(2012) PH S/R/TS
Canada Vancouver/British Columbia University of British Columbia (2018) MNM MoU
USA Atlanta/Georgia Emory University (1985) PH S/R/TS
USA Austin/Texas University of Texas at Austin (2014) All MoU
USA Bloomington/Indiana Indiana University (2013) BE S/R/TS
USA Burlington/
University of Vermont (1994) PH S/R/TS
USA Chapel Hill/North Carolina University of Chapel Hill (2004) L S/R/TS
USA Chicago/Illinois Chicago-Kent College of Law (2004) L S
USA Chicago/Illinois Northeastern Illinois University (2013) All S/Study Abroad
USA Cincinnati/
University of Cincinnati (2002) BE S
USA Dayton/Ohio University of Dayton (1991) BE
USA Honolulu/Hawaii Hawai'i Pacific University (2017) All Study Abroad
USA Manoa/Hawaii University of Hawai'i at Manoa (2017) All MoU
USA Kearney/Nebraska University of Nebraska at Kearney (2015) All S
USA Malibu/California Pepperdine University (2004) L S/R/TS
USA Pueblo/Colorado Colorado State University Pueblo (2008) All S/ Study Abroad
USA Santa Clara/California University of Santa Clara (2012) L S/R/TS
USA Victoria/Texas University of Houston Victoria (2018) All S
USA Washington DC George Washington University (2004) L S/R/TS
USA Washington DC American University (2007) All Study Abroad

Latin America

Country City/State University (Beginning of Cooperation) Faculty* Type of Contract**
Argentina Mendoza Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (2012) All S
Argentina Buenos Aires Universidad Del Salvador (2019) All MoU
Brazil Belo Horizonte Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais(2009) All S/R/TS
Brazil Florianópolis Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (2013) All S/R/TS
Brazil Sao Paulo Pontifica Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo (2012) All S
Chile Santiago de Chile Universidad del Desarrollo (2008) All S
Colombia Barranquilla Universidad del Norte (2013) All S
Colombia Bogotá Universidad del Rosario (2012) All S
Colombia Medellín Universidad EAFIT (2013) All S
Dominican Republic Santiago de los Caballeros Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra(2019) All S
El Salvador San Salvador Universidad Pedagogica de El Salvador (2010) PS S/R/TS
Honduras Tegucigalpa Universidad Pedagogica Nacional Francisco Morazan (2009/2016) All MoU
Mexico Guadalajara Universidad de Guadalajara (2009) All S
Mexico Mexico City Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (2013) All S
Peru Lima Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (1991/2009) All S


Country City/State University (Beginning of Cooperation) Faculty* Type of Contract**
Australia Canberra Australian National University (2002) MNM S/R/TS
Australia Hobart University of Tasmania (2010) All S
Australia Perth Curtin University of Technology (2014) BE MoU
Australia Sydney Western Sydney University (2018) All S

Specific Cooperations

with International Programs

Italy Bergamo Università degli Studi di Bergamo (2001) BE Summer School
Italy Verona Università degli studi de Verona PH Double Degree M.A.


Lyon Université Jean Moulin (Lyon III) (1991) L Double Degree PhD
France Rennes Université de Rennes I (1998) BE Double Degree B.Sc./M.Sc.
France Nancy Université de Lorraine PH Double Degree B.A./M.A.
Czech Republic Pilsen Westböhmische Universität Pilsen (2017) PH GIP

*  ACS  = Applied Computer Science
    BE    = Business and Economics 
    CT    = Catholic Theology
    L      =  Law
    MNM = Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Materials Engineering
    PH    = Philology and History
    PS    = Philosophy and Social Sciences

** S/R/TS = Student / Research / Teaching Staff Exchange
    Study Abroad = tuition fees are charged
    MoU = Memorandum of Understanding
    GIP = German Studies Institutional Partnership