Phase 2 - Application for Dormitory

Where do I find information for accommodation in a dormitory?

>>> Accommodation: Dormitories 

What terms and conditions apply for accommodation in a dormitory?

  • The available places in the dormitories are assigned on a “first come, first serve” basis, according to the date your application was received. As a participant of the WeltWeit program, you are guaranteed a place in one of the dormitories. We cannot guarantee you a place in the dormitory that is your first choice; there is a possibility of you being placed in a different one.

  • Rental contracts are issued exclusively for the whole semester (October - March / April - September). The rent for the entire semester must be paid regardless of definite move-in and move-out dates. Exchange students are not allowed to sublet their dormitory rooms.

  • The first and last month’s rent, the security deposit, as well as the costs for internet and bed linens (if applicable) must be transferred in advance. You will receive more detailed information on this after you receive an email regarding the allocation of your room. To make further payments after arrival in Augsburg (the second month’s rent onward, monthly internet fee) you must open a German bank account.

  • Move in in October as well as April cannot be guaranteed until the third business day of the month. The move-in date must be personally scheduled with the Hausmeister (Dorm Manager) a month before moving in.

When do I apply?

You can apply as soon as you have completed phase 1.
Upon completion, you will receive an email from us.

How do I apply?

     1. Choose a dormitory: Info sheet "Overview of Dormitories"

     2. Follow all the steps for phase 2 in your application workflow in 
        Mobility-Online and generate the document named “housing

     3. Scan and upload the signed copy of the housing application in

With your signature on the housing application you accept the conditions that apply to exchange students!

When will my apartment be allocated?

The allocation of dormitory rooms by the Studentenwerk (student services organization) takes place in June and December. You will be notified via email by the WeltWeit team. Shortly afterwards you will be directly contacted by the Studentenwerk (= your renter).