About us

The International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) is the central point of contact for international students at the University of Augsburg and for all Augsburg students planning a stay abroad. Its taks is to coordinate all of the university's international activities and to offer students advice and support.

Head of the International Office:
Tamm, Sabine Dr.
Head of the International Office, help and support for international students
Reißner-Jenne, Silvia: Deputy Head, Erasmus+ Coordinator

Mayr, Birgit: Team-assistant

Staff members:
Alt-Rudin, Katrin
Internships Abroad (including Erasmus+ internships)
Drechsler, Eva: WeltWeit Outgoing
Graf, Susanne: Welcome Service / ZIS German students / Transcripts Outgoing / International Day
Hanik, Anne: Erasmus+ Outgoing, PROMOS
Hommen, Nicole
: Erasmus+ Incoming, Freemover
Körschner-Dietz, Antje
International Cooperations
Krünes, RamonaVisas and Residence Rights
Meister-Hartherz, Sabine: WeltWeit Incoming / Software Implementation
Reß, Birgit: Support for degree seeking international students
Schneider, Julia: WeltWeit Outgoing (on maternity leave)
Schüller, Jessica: Welcome Service

Student & Graduate assistants:
Alisheva, Irina
: Foreign degree seeking students / events
Aumann, Fabian: Internships abroad
Flemm, Daniel: Alumni Augsburg International 
Gaulocher, Jessica: Mobility-Online / Study Preparation Course
Hauth, Marina: ZISpro
Huber, Andrea: Erasmus+ Outgoing
Katzorke, Daniel: WeltWeit Outgoing / Tutor programm / Language tandem
Korti, Sabrina: Erasmus+ Incomming
Kreuzer, Karin: Visas and Residence Rights
Laubinger, Michelle: Transcripts of Records
Lier, Ludwig: German Language course for refugees
Luedtke, Christoph: Foreign degree seeking students / Events / Language tandem

May, Franziska: Welcome Service
Neumann, SusanneInternational Cooperations

Schmidhuber, Johanna: International Day
Schröer, Judith: WeltWeit Incoming
Ziegler, Hannah: Welcome Service
Please note: Changes to the Consultation hours can be found here.